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The Importance of Planning Out Your Poker Game

Planning is undoubtedly the most important part of any long-term activity. You have to know what you are going to do, what your priorities are, what are you expecting out of the whole event and many things like that.

Poker is no exception to this. Poker is a long-term game, in which you are looking for long-term gains. These gains will not be achieved if you don’t plan carefully. Your goal, you motive your expectations should be well thought of and fixed. Be it pre-flop or post flop, there are always things to plan and strategize.

Planning how you will play during a tournament

home poker tournament Importance of Planning in PokerYou should know exactly how you want to play before you get started in a tournament. The best players always mix up their games, but they go into a tournament knowing exactly how passive or aggressive they want to be.

The place that this is the most important is when you are playing early hands in a tournament. Online, this sets the tone for the other players and they will want to try to classify you as soon as possible. If you are aggressive early in a tournament, players notice.

Playing Aggressive
The one time I suggest being aggressive early in a game is when you are surrounded by tight players who are just trying to survive. Since the blinds aren’t too expensive at first, you can make a probing bet to see the other people reactions.

If you play really loose and someone calls you on your early bluff, you’re going to have a hard time chasing people out later.

Playing Passive
If you are playing very few hands at first, people will take notice about the hands that you do play. This can give you an advantage. You should know that if you play a hand you would normally fold and do this out of position, nobody should call you except the players that have something good.

Then, watch the flop; if nothing comes up (specifically no face cards) raise them. If they just call that, recognize that you may be running into a monster. Players will tend not to raise and will let you bet into them in this situation.