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Everything You Need to Know Midway Switch

In every poker tournament that I have won, I have employed a tactic that I call the midway switch. This is the point of the tournament where I have survived where others have been knocked out and have a little bit more chips than I started with.

The plan is to intentionally change the way I am playing. For me, this usually entails going from playing cautious but confident to playing very aggressive seemingly out of no where. This throws most people through a loop for several hands.

From another persons standpoint, I might have pocket Aces or am sitting on the lucky horseshoe. I certainly must have something because I didn’t play that way before.

This tactic does one of two things for me. Either it propels me into the chip lead or it may mean that I give away a lot of my chip stack if someone can’t fold their hand.

I have had players tell me that they were thinking about folding their good flush after they caught me because it completely caught them off guard. I have also gotten people to fold top pair by keeping my foot on the betting pedal. That last bet on the river has chased many people away.

Planning your style of playing the hands you receive
planning poker hand Importance of Planning in PokerThe most important aspect of planning starts when you get your hand. At this point, you have to decide what kind of hand it is. It may be a strong hand, a drawing hand or a weak hand. According to the type of hand, that you have, you have to make your strategy for the rest of the game. The main thing to decide here is whether you want to go ahead with the game or leave it.

At this stage, there is no way of knowing if you have the best hand and so you have no option but to wait till the flop for that. However, you should try to work out the probabilities. You can have an idea of the kind of hands people possess by the kind of moves they make.