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Bluffing and the Calling Station

Some experienced players that are actually holding a strong hand will do things to pretend like they are bluffing in order to misguide you into calling. Not everyone will do this though, and you just have to find out which players will as your playing. In cases that you are playing against this type of player, you have to analyze the whole hand including every check and bet before you make a conclusion that he is lying or not.

If you aren’t sure, the safe bet is to fold. Like I said before, as long as you show the opponent that can’t be pushed around, folding any particular hand you are uncomfortable with is always a great play in the long run.

In addition, you must every time look for bodily tells the best way is to look your opponent’s eye and try to feel their fear. If they sound or look nervous, it could be a sign of bluffing. In brief if a player does any thing that he don’t do usually like talks much or be quite or leans forward or any such physical reactions show that he is scared and is bluffing in either way.

The calling station tag is for the players that never fold after hitting the flop, even if it is bottom pair, or 4th pair with three over cards on the board.  They never raise with bottom pair, but will call it all day if the price is right.  Many rocks, weak-tight players, and fish share this attribute.

Some fish are aggressive and will raise when they have crap because they saw Gus Hansen do it on TV.  Some will fall right into this calling station category and will not raise with anything, even the nuts.

You want to identify the calling stations so you know

who you should not bluff
who you can value bet
who will help build a pot
who you should not slow play
who will pay off your big hand
When I first started playing online poker tournaments, it was routine to see tables full of fish and calling stations.  As more and more people learned to be tight, most single table tournaments have 1 fish and 7 rocks.

One last point I need to make. No one ever checks their cards after the flop with a good hand unless they are drunk. Most likely they can’t remember what both of their cards were and their top card didn’t hit. If the person is perfectly wasted, bet cautiously and get him to expose the strength of his hand. If not, raise big and get Mr. Double Check out of the hand.

Keeping all the above points in mind you can save you from being bluffed.