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All You Need to Know About Bluffing

The critical point of bluffing is that most of the expert players can spot it almost unconsciously. What makes a player an “expert” is the shear amount of hands that they have played. If you’ve played more than 100,000 hands of Texas Hold’em, you’re going to have seen just about every situation imaginable. This doesn’t make you infallible, but it gives you a significant advantage over players who don’t pay attention or who are not very experienced.

Next, be conscious when your opponent stares at you. That means he is trying to read your expression and guessing that what type of cards are you holding. Players do this generally when they are not completely confident of their hand and they want to get a clue from your reaction whether to raise or fold.

Then the situation to be considered is when your opponent sits up erect, leans forward and gets a tone of arrogance in his voice. This reaction is generally when a player feels that he is next to be called, he will certainly show as if he is very strong contender by speaking aggressively and leaning forward so that other opponents may fold their cards. When the opponent throws a large bet into the pot very aggressively that means he is scared and doesn’t want you to complete a hand on him.

The players who talks too much while playing are easy to spot bluff, as such players when get any strong hand stop talking immediately. By this, you can understand that he got a strong hand and be careful. Notice the bets of the opponents very keenly, and see if the present bet matches his previous bets or not. A large bet is often a bluff, as the player want to buy the pot.

A great tell that these players will give when they are strong is playing with there chips prematurely, or before it is there turn. Things like counting how much they have will likely mean they are going to bet and are trying to decide how much to bet. They don’t even have to be physically touching the chips to recognize this if you are paying attention.